Dockside in Manila following a research expedition


My two boys, Adam & Ellis (11 and 9 yrs)

My husband, Dan Kohn, internet technologist

My sister, Lara Pullen, founded an organization for emerging treatments for rare diseases

My aunt Gayle Davis is a pioneer in sports psychology

My aunt Patty and father, Michael Pullen, inspired a love of animals and science

My late mother, Jeanie Pullen, was a brilliant educator and communicator

My late grandfather stirred my interest in nuclear issues


I travel to do science, to explore and to learn about the planet. I've visited over 80 countries, and all 7 continents. Some of my favorite landscapes:

  • deserts & drylands: Morocco, Syria, Arabian Peninsula, Botswana

  • polar regions: Iceland, Antarctica

  • tropics: Grenada, central Java, Sri Lanka, Belize, Philippines

  • highlands: Guatemala, New Mexico, North Carolina, Laos

  • subtropics: Madeira, Pico Island (Azores)

I contribute to travel website FathomAtlas Obscura is another engaging source for travel curiosities. And finally, my pick of inspiring travel companies: Geographic ExpeditionsBlack Tomato.

  • recent books (half by women)...

Station Eleven
Earth Abides
Zoo Station

The Power Paradox
The Invention of Nature

A FEW More of My
Favorite Things

“We can’t just mentor other women. We have to buy women’s products, invest in women’s companies, and then we start to create a quorum around women in tech and science. We create a path for women.”
— Ramona Pierson