Dockside in Manila following a research expedition


My two boys, Adam & Ellis (11 and 9 yrs)

My husband, Dan Kohn, internet technologist

My sister, Lara Pullen, founded an organization for emerging treatments for rare diseases

My aunt Gayle Davis is a pioneer in sports psychology

My aunt Patty and father, Michael Pullen, inspired a love of animals and science

My late mother, Jeanie Pullen, was a brilliant educator and communicator

My late grandfather stirred my interest in nuclear issues


I travel to do science, to explore and to learn about the planet. I've visited over 80 countries, and all 7 continents. Some of my favorite landscapes:

  • deserts & drylands: Morocco, Syria, Qatar, Botswana

  • polar regions: Iceland, Antarctica

  • tropics: Grenada, central Java, Sri Lanka, Belize, Philippines

  • highlands: Guatemala, New Mexico, North Carolina, Laos

  • subtropics: Madeira, Pico Island (Azores)

I contribute to travel website FathomAtlas Obscura is another engaging source for travel curiosities. And finally, my pick of inspiring travel companies: Geographic ExpeditionsBlack Tomato.

  • recent books...

My Journey at the Nuclear Brink
Rain: A Natural and Cultural History
The Book of Strange New Things
Station Eleven
David Downing's John Russell WWII series
The Power Paradox
The Southern Reach Trilogy
Earth Abides
The Invention of Nature: Alexander Von Humboldt's New World

A FEW More of My
Favorite Things

“We can’t just mentor other women. We have to buy women’s products, invest in women’s companies, and then we start to create a quorum around women in tech and science. We create a path for women.”
— Ramona Pierson