Research Interests


Probing the ocean response to monsoon wind surges in the Philippines using coupled air/sea models (pdfs: jgr2013, special Oceanography issue, oc2011a and oc2011b; jpo2010; grl2008)

Improving sea breeze and heat island prediction
using urban-aware sub-kilometer resolution modeling for NYC
(pdfs: waf2013, jamc2007, mwr2007, qjrms2007).

Air/sea transport, dispersion and fate modeling in the vicinity of the Fukushima nuclear power plant
(pdf: bams2013)

Innovative coupled ocean/atmosphere ensemble transport & dispersion applied to Tokyo
(pdf: tellus2009)

Predicting flow around buildings using large eddy simulation (LES) for major cities to map contaminant transport pathways (pdf: ae2005)

Simulating two-way coupled ocean-atmosphere feedback in the Adriatic using coastal high-resolution nested modeling (pdfs: jgr2003, mwr2006, jgr2007)


Studying sediment and biology transport under complex combined forcing such as strong winds and large river discharge along the US west coast and Mediterranean (pdfs: tos2004, csr2000, jgr2001)

Workshops & Conferences